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As an avid University of Wyoming fan we are very excited about what is happening with the football program right now! Go Pokes!!!
Friday night the copper mountain band is playing on Main Street after the Bellamy Brothers concert in front of the Texas Club. Saturday night Daniel and the Blonde are playing from 7:30-Midnight on th + 27 more characters
There are street dances this weekend! And the VFW has bands almost every friday I believe.
What nights of the week do they play?
Alec and Evan Haughian are the culprits of this. Some talented young men if you ask me!
I lost my internet connection at 12:01 yesterday.....i dont know if that's a connection but the timing is weird....
I cant help you with any of the mom stuff however I just moved here a year ago and have found that there is always something happening here! Be sure to "like" the Miles City Virtual Marketplace for yo + 116 more characters
Honestly the only good part about my Iphone is that it syncs with my Ipad and Macbook automatically. For that reason I have come to love it....I am a die hard apple user so that helps too. Good luck!
I decided I was going to print this out and read it....27 pages later I regret every ounce of that decision.
Unfortunately Snickers lead was a dead end...I just cannot imagine whoever has it is having much fun, considering there's no money in it. Unless of course they are going to party with my blood donor c + 5 more characters
Surprise surprise, my first bucking horse sale experience resulted in losing my wallet. It is a turquoise tri fold womans wallet with my checkbook inside. Should someone have found it (most likely out + 108 more characters
Perhaps I will see who I can get talked into that!
Is it only a one time showing? Or is that when it starts showing
Lower your standards and up your average? That's what I've heard anyway....
Oh right. I forgot about the brewery in Wibaux. A beer sounds really good right now. Have you had the Wibaux beer, Gunnar? I suggest whatever their Stout (dark beer) is...they give you a chocolate chi + 84 more characters
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