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FYI breakfast is pretty good too.
Proof really, every single one of Trunp's law suits got thrown out because there was no evidence to back up what they were saying.
I was just surprised to learn there were railroads in Christopher Columbus' time. Just like the airports during the revolutionary war.
The 70% taxes is on people making over $400,000 a year. Glad to know you're doing so well.
And now were up to 54 url
You do realize Trump's supporters don't believe anything that come off of Snopes.
They've been there just not often and the one egg that got laid in March broke.
I've learned that if it says LRS 2014 just don't read it. His level of education, which couldn't be much past kindergarten, is just too painful.
You need to listen a little closer it's a 500K warrant not reward.
You'd think the heavy Indian accent might be a major clue.
I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. I do the test on the blood that comes into the lab among other things. I went to school for years and passed a board to be licensed for this. Yes I was on the gov + 281 more characters
Yep, just a modern day snake oil salesman. Don't waste your money. If you do want any blood test done I believe both Holy Rosary and Billings Clinic Labs have Labcheck. Where you can get a certain men + 219 more characters
This is bogus. I was on the Clinical Laboratory Scientists Board a few years ago and something exactly like this was in Billings. We had to shut them down. She will tell you things like you have a fun + 254 more characters
I've had direct deposit at a couple of different jobs and have loved it. You will still get a pay stub statement or at least should have access to one on a computer. I have never had problems with the + 28 more characters
There is a big difference between a terrorist attack and just reporting every single traffic fatality for the day. So is what you started really necessary. Gee there was a traffic fatality, there are + 91 more characters
Unless you're expressing condolences to the family, there really is no need for this kind of posting. We will see and hear enough bad news as it is.
Apparently HPS needs to watch Blues Brothers.
Alcohol, outside a bar, at 2 a.m. I think it's a good possibility.
I don't think the branches should be trimmed off the eagles put that nest there for a reason and if you actually go to look at the nest, on the side closest to the camera you will see they built an ad + 74 more characters
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