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How can you convince people to stop voting for idiots, simply because they have a R behind their name?????
To requote what I've seen, picking your favorite politician is like picking your favorite STD.
And then there is this piece of SH**
A little whisper in Mat Gaetz's ear his face blanches and he changes his vote to Kevin McCarthy. It's just amazing.
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Maybe his kindergartner got a hold of his phone
Just an FYI Merrick Garland has a 100% conviction rate. [Edited by bh (8/5/2022 7:15:18 AM)]
Yes, Dolly Parton - It's crazy how many people think "I will always love you" is a Whitney Houston song, but Dolly wrote it, and originally had it as a country hit. Also "9 to 5" was a big cross over + 141 more characters
If you weren't there, you don't know. From what I've read several actors stated that when they are filming a scene where they have to shoot. They are told to aim off camera. Whoever put the live round + 61 more characters
May be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think there was ever going to be a good way out of this. No matter who was in charge.
FYI breakfast is pretty good too.
Proof really, every single one of Trunp's law suits got thrown out because there was no evidence to back up what they were saying.
I was just surprised to learn there were railroads in Christopher Columbus' time. Just like the airports during the revolutionary war.
The 70% taxes is on people making over $400,000 a year. Glad to know you're doing so well.
And now were up to 54 url
You do realize Trump's supporters don't believe anything that come off of Snopes.
They've been there just not often and the one egg that got laid in March broke.
I've learned that if it says LRS 2014 just don't read it. His level of education, which couldn't be much past kindergarten, is just too painful.
You need to listen a little closer it's a 500K warrant not reward.
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