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Dan & Cory, LOL! Very nice posts! It amazes me that to this day, the gossip just keeps rolling. I would love to Facebook this entire thread....but I AM still proud of my MC heritage. Here's my two ce + 1148 more characters
LOL! Thanks for correcting me on the supporting any other country with my money. I should clarify, I don't wire transfer money to any other country to support friends, family, terrorists, politicians, + 193 more characters
Greetings everyone! I haven't posted in forever due to lack of time to jump on regularly. I wish I could say I was shocked at some of the posts on here, but it is a great example of the nationa + 2200 more characters
The best person to get in touch with for the starting date is Francie Mackin. She and Lloyd ran it for years in its prime. She's still in MC. Let me know if you need her number.
Samantha, Let me see what I can do. Not sure if I have it, but if not, I should be able to get it from my Mom. Oh much cash???? LOL! Seriously though, I think she'd give it out to anyone t + 90 more characters
The original owners were my parents Mike and Myrtle Brown. They opened it in the mid 70's and owned it for a couple years before selling it to the Shipmans. Part of the magic was the ingredients my pa + 970 more characters
With all the changes at the library in recent years, one question I have for anyone still in MC is what happened to the plaque that was in the entrance for years? It listed the trustees for the librar + 324 more characters
Helen, Yes, you have the right family! My family "tradition" with the Midland ended with my Dad, Mike Brown. He was the last generation of Browns to work there. As for when the Crossroads began, I'm + 456 more characters
I agree with most of the criticism of this bill and especially of the Congressmen/women reading it. My biggest complaint though, as someone who DOES pay for healthcare through my employer is WHY are w + 516 more characters
cola --> cold
Didn't want to brag, especially after an ugly loss last week, but how bout the COWBOYS!!!! Remember this in January, NFC Champs, and Superbowl Champs! If New England makes it to Arizona, it will be S + 263 more characters
Doug, I'll forward your list to my dad, Mike Brown. He may know how to contact some of them. -Kevin
Nancy, Being their nephew, I still am in close contact with them. After the Crossroads, Lloyd and Francie took over the Miles City Club. They had it when it was in the bank building on the top floor w + 607 more characters
What a great loss to the community! I remember Jack fondly from my days growing up in Miles. He was one of the nicest people I ever met and raised a great family! My deepest sympathies to Jackie and + 52 more characters
I agree with the above that lets use real names. What do you have to lose? I grew up in Miles City, attending SHHS and CCDHS, graduating in 1988. Moved to Billings shortly after and now reside in Chey + 141 more characters
You can mark the Midland as "down". Having had 3 generations of my family work there, it is most certainly out of business. The logo left on the building is just a reminder of an era gone by.
Pete, As a classmate of Beth's, I was sorry to hear you were laid up, but hopefully by the time you read this you're out and posting like mad! Love reading your posts! Best wishes!
Bart, Thanks for posting these!
Kyle, ROTFLMAO! Can YOU name the 3 teams with the most Super Bowl wins? Give you a hint...NONE of them reside in the Pacific Northwest! Difference between a team that's rebuilding and the Seahawks...m + 153 more characters
As a "newbie" to this site, but one of a long line of residents, I read the posts with some amazement. Growing up, I was raised around food service...the Crossroads, Red Rock, Miles City Club, etc. It + 1670 more characters
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