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The lady's name was Mrs. Adams. She lived at 519 Palmer. When I worked at Reynolds, I used to deliver cases of unsalted peanuts to her. She was a very nice lady - and a generous tipper.
Ken - 20-41. You should also check with Operations and Engineering at City Hall to make sure there are no additional requirements under the building codes. The City adopts the building codes by refere + 79 more characters
Karla - Thanks for the help on the hyperlink. I did miss the backslash.
Ken - I don't believe the ordinances themselves are available online. However, the ordinances are codified in the City Code. A code organizes the ordinances by subject matter and makes them far better + 292 more characters
Tucker - Bad news. I had a call from O.J. up at Doeden's and it is too wet for them to get in to get the mud to bring down to Veteran's Park. We are going to have to postpone until the rain stops. May + 19 more characters
Sunday, you Fuji Fool!
I knew that Bolton would have to resort to chemical stimulants and mysticism, but he forgets that I am a lawyer and am impervious to thought processes. I don't know what's in that Thai Tea that he get + 790 more characters
Rick - The community garden is Bolton's training ground. Why would I want to take him on on his own turf? We are going to neutral ground. Veteran's Park. 2:00 p.m. MDT.
It is literally between you and I.
Richard - I realize that Bolton is rangy and quick and has the temper and demeanor of a junk yard dog, but I wouldn't write me off so quickly. I have been in top secret, intensive training for the pas + 516 more characters
If you think that I have put that "Fiji Islands" - "Fuji Islands" thing behind me, then you truly are a Fuji Fool. I propose that we settle this in Veteran's Park at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Mud rassling.
The statute is 49-2-305 MCA. Note especially the definition of "familial status" in section (12) at the end of the statute. You report illegal discrimination to the Montana Human Rights Bureau. It's t + 225 more characters
"Calvary" as in Golgotha, not "Cavalry" as in "Custer".
Obviously the inevitable result of using "off road" diesel.
As you are aware, the primary product of Bombay (or Mumbai) is gin, both Bombay and Bombay Sapphire. The pronunciation of Mumbai comes principally from the distillery tasters who work the late shift. + 395 more characters
Mr. Bolton - I am very humbled by your reply. Most people will not admit their errors and mistakes, but you are man enough to do so. In all fairness, I do owe you an apology. I should not have critici + 425 more characters
Perhaps Tucker Bolton is the author of the article you quote in Wikipedia, since anyone can be an author in Wikipedia - whether they know what they are talking about or not. Are you saying that Fuji F + 616 more characters
Tucker - You are only partially correct. Fuji (not Fiji) is a nation situated on an archipelago located somewhere between the Australian continent and Greenland. It is dominated by Mt. Fuji and is the + 748 more characters
Bob - It wasn't the Barnum and Bailey Circus.
On September 15, 2009 the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals held that she was entitled to pursue in U.S. Court her claims for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hi + 494 more characters
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