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I am located in Phoenix AZ, but have the capabilities of converting this info, if you are interested. This has been a long journey and it isn't over yet, but I have been able to communicate with sever + 326 more characters
Did I read that Holy Rosary Hospital has been torn down? If so, I wonder where I might be able to access the hospital records, to further search for my birth information?
Thank you all for your infomation. I will pursue all avenues, at this point. My adoptive father told me that my birthmother inquired about me for many years afterward (through Dr Sadie's daughter, Mrs + 321 more characters
No, I was told, by a gentleman who knew Dr Sadie, that she was protecting the names of the unwed mothers and that the info on the original birth certificate is mostly false. I have rearched the census + 592 more characters
I was born in Holy Rosary Hospital on July 10, 1955, as one of Sadie's Babies, delivered by Dr Sadie Lindeberg. My original birth certificate has the mother's name as Betty Mae Jones, and my birth nam + 246 more characters
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