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ah josh.. yes.. the 399 one was the kinect model...
yeah.. Josh is right.. and I think the price for the model with the big hard drive is 399? at walmart.. basically.. if ya gonna spend 300 now.. just spend the extra 100 to get what you need and WILL n + 48 more characters
because the first two are busy texting each other
MY hose is grey.... sidewalk is yellow though,, so I'm good
Paragraphs.. For the LOVE OF GOD, hit the dam ENTER button!!! Doesnt matter if the paragraphs are proper or not, Just break the stuff up a little! Wall of text.. gah.. ps. for the other "T" who might + 26 more characters
url Sorry here is the link in clickable format (I Hope)
here is something.. it is free and from the looks of it, you select the pdf files you want to merge and then press the merge pdf button http://www.mergepdf.net/
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