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Plan!! Why doesn't the community get together and carpool!! I know there are people on here with trailors. If enough people can get together lets do a shuttle twice a week to Billings for grocerys. Ev + 367 more characters
She caught her first fish at Spotted Eagle!!! 3/24/2012
I said vacant but I was goin by what someone told me. I talked to one of the neighbors and they used the word vacant. I went to a yard sale there a couple of years ago and noticed that it wasn't kept + 297 more characters
vacant house on s. custer. i was told the owner is eric duckworth.he is in the military. does anyone know this person, or know any info about the house ?
Its hard to find a place here period. My parents have looked to move for a long time. They live in a crappy lil house I live with them so I know. But we have always had a dog and a cat. We are animal + 922 more characters
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