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Cory, I was at Fort Peck on Thursday, about 4 hours after they opened the spillway gates. I took some pictures with my cell phone of the upstream side of the South spillway gate, with the water about + 268 more characters
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I will fess up. I am the purchaser of the old rollercade building, and am in the process of doing some necessary repairs and upgrades to the building. I will be storing some of my cars in the rear of + 1756 more characters
The Glendive Division Manager of MDOT spoke at the Miles City Rotary Club about a month ago and gave their rationale for this fence. I believe he said it was 8', not 10'. In any event I recall he said + 477 more characters
Both Jim Lucas and Jack Carr are not only alive, but both are still practicing law in Miles City. Wonderful guys, both of them. Tom Clarke
Any idea who has set up, and maintains, this site? It appears similar to and others, that have a membership fee, which this one does also, in order to get full range of use. Tom Clarke
I was at a church choir rehearsal last evening, and I am very pleased for this link so I could see the story. Johnnie, you are a class act. I only hope that Miles City has been able to give you as muc + 45 more characters
If there is a 1975 date on the picture, it is likely a Coffrin reproduction of the Huffman print. Jack Coffrin ran Coffrin's photographic studio in Miles City, and for a number of years he had the gla + 209 more characters
Let me also express my condolences to you and your family for the passing of your father, Kelly. Lyle started me on the trombone when I was in 5th grade, and I was part of his Junior High band in the + 279 more characters
You are probably talking about Richard Hogan,DDS. Dick married local girl, Sharon Jeurgens, and they had several children, live just East of town and Dick still practices on Valley Drive. Tom Clarke
How about Cafe Utza? Tom Clarke
Miles City has hosted these Economic Outlook Seminars every other year, including last year, 2005. I think John Halbert got 2 weeks of stories out of it. In the even year, either Sidney or Glendive ha + 557 more characters
Locally owned, Independent Businesses. That would seem to eliminate even franchises where a local person might own the franchise for Miles City as that really isn't "independent". Which really restric + 624 more characters
The color parade photos were about 1959, which I deduce from the cars that are parked on the street. There is a 1958 Chev, a 1956 Mercury, and I believe a 1959 Oldsmobile. But I don't think it was the + 632 more characters
Only because of the research she has done, I'm sure Amorette knows better than I, but I always understood that the Custer Club was a speakeasy during the prohibition era. I do remember that at one tim + 331 more characters
Stories of People Who Have Signed The Guest Register at the Miles City Club, as complied by George W. "Jerry" Huss. W. Raymond: Wintrup Raymond, sometimes misspelled as "Winthrop", came to Montana in + 1622 more characters
As I think about it more I believe it was 1983, Richard. Tom Clarke
The Miles City Bank was also located in the 500 block of Main Street, actually directly across from 519 Main. The bank located at 519 Main was the First National Bank. The ownership of the Miles City + 543 more characters
As indicated in an earlier message, here is the Dusting Off The Old Ones story that was published in the Miles City Star on 4/25/05. Almeric H. Paget Miles City Club Guest + 1651 more characters
My Grandfather, W.B. Clarke, wrote a series of Miles City history stories that were used as radio commercials in the 1950's. Some of those stories can be accessed from an icon on the hom + 2561 more characters
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