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Unfortunately this post on, "Miles City.com", has turned into a "he said/she said" scenario. The topic, a very important issue, is being sidetracked due to personal feelings. A decision making body is + 1226 more characters
I was happy to read the post concerning the letter to the editor relative to "Renaming Denton Field". As a 1952 graduate of Custer County high school and after receiving a degree from MSU Bozeman in 1 + 1417 more characters
Bill 32...In response to your inquiry about Gordie Spears' 1930-1980 American Legion All Star Team-it is in the archives of the Miles City Star, August of 1981. The current sports editor "slosh", I be + 126 more characters
As an individual born and raised in Miles City, I feel it necessary to respond to this topic. I am a son of Scottish immigrants, a product of the Miles City public education system, and a graduate of + 1587 more characters
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