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Hey Jason, not sure if you use Facebook but if you go to the Facebook page Miles City Cowboys football fans there will be links for the forms and a place to send them to. You can also register and sig + 55 more characters
Cowboy Youth Football Camp July 22-23 Cost: $35 (includes T-Shirt) Grades 1-3: 8:30 am- 10:00 am Grades 4-6: 10:00 am- 11:30 am Grades 7-8: 12:00 pm- 1:30 pm High School Camp Cost is free for Miles C + 110 more characters
David, thank you for providing the article. Scotterdog thank you also for providing some quotes from the paper as well. I do not agree with your assesments on the drug use by business employees as wel + 97 more characters
Scotterdog, can you provide a link to the article or information so we can see the direct quote from our police chief. This is the second time you have stated that he said the drug use/community is on + 109 more characters
Last I heard it was opening at the end of this month or sometime in August. Not sure how accurate that is though!
COWBOY FOOTBALL CAMP For GRADES 2ND- 6TH July 25th & 26th CAMP COST $30.00 2nd -4TH GRADE 8:30M-10:00AM 5TH-6TH GRADE 10:00AM-12PM @ HIGH School Practice Field (THE BOWL) THE CAMP WILL FOCUS ON SKILL + 1203 more characters
First house on Cemetery Road always has a great light show set up!
Dale I know that Red Rock does some engraving for things like sports plaques. Not sure if that is what you're looking for but that could be one potential option for you.
Let's go defense!!!!!
Come on Cowboys!
Go Cowboys! Cowboys up early 7 0
Yes the playoffs begin this weekend and the Cowboys will face the Havre Blue Ponies at Denton at 12 pm. When they win they will advance to play Whitefish.
East lost the game 34-10. West was pretty dominate on both sides of the ball. Ben Herzog played a good game still and represented Miles City and the Cowboys very well. Good luck to Ben as he will soon + 73 more characters
Nice letter to the editor by Beth Sutter. She made some great points. Also the article pointed out the names of the 5 individuals on the school board who voted against the coach. I feel that each of t + 84 more characters
I am pretty sure that the first practice of the season is on the first day of school and it is open to anyone. There is a camp for 7th and 8th graders on July 21-July 24 that begins at 6:30 p.m.
Hard to say how the Cowboys will be this year. I believe that Glendive is an early favorite. They have a 6'10" Senior and a 6'7" sophomore on their team. The Senior has already committed to the Univer + 78 more characters
I really enjoyed the predictions and great statistics. Thank you for continuing to post the information!
Thank you for the stats Brian! Once again I really enjoyed them. Should be a great game tonight. Everyone come out and support the Cowboys and help them reach the palyoffs at their last home game unde + 13 more characters
Well said Brian. I really enjoy your analysis and statistics every week. I hope that BC is worried more about player Laurel than MC. It's a winnable game for us if we can stop the big plays, especiall + 154 more characters
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