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Am praying to him to be found safe and sound.
Yesterday i received a phone call on my prepaid none contract cell phone from a scam company! They claimed to be a lottery company! This man had a foreign acsent and was very persistant! I was not ve + 975 more characters
We have had a boys blue toney hawk bike taken and a nice scotter oh and my bike too it was and older bike with two flat tires and granny baskets on badk..must have been pretty desperate to take that! + 11 more characters
This has nothing to do with creepy dog walkers who dress in trench coats... just cause someone dressed different does not mean they are the person you should be paying attention to! Just saying!
I was just reminding parents as I got quite a suprise in my local neighborhood when I checked the list and am am sure parents of children who walk to Garfeild and or the Jr. high using the Woodbury Rt + 75 more characters
As a new school year starts please make sure that if your child/ children walk to and from school make sure they know the route they are to use and that you know who lives on that route! Please check + 115 more characters
Down by the College somewhere! I saw the glow of a fire as I was leaving Walmart! I hope everyone is safe and unharmed! There were alot of sirens as well! I stayed clear and went home so that I was no + 105 more characters
I caught a very ballsy young man in my driveway trying to get into my van while I was sitting on my couch and could see everything he was doing. He was quiet surprised when I opened my sliding glass d + 423 more characters
When ours quite working it was an initiator switch or something like that lol! We call Ace and they sent someone out to fix it for us!
My son's Blue Tony Hawk Bike was taken from Garfield School this afternoon! It was there when I picked up my daughter and then it was gone a half and hour later when he came out to leave from his tuto + 469 more characters
I will have you know that yes I am one of those individuals you saw out there and yes I do have a job, I work full time and so does my husband! Our kids are out of School for two and we were looking f + 119 more characters
I have heard it too! I am not sure what it is either, but would be great if it stop!
That is good to know Kimberly! We are going for our first visit to meet them at the end of the month to see what will work best for our daughter as she had ADHD and needs meds in order to have two bab + 78 more characters
I am taking my daughter to pediatric Dentist the end of this month! There number is (406) 652-5550! or 1-800-655-0409 Address is 2700 Grand Ave. Suite B. Billings, Mt 59102! Names of Dentist Kelly M. + 59 more characters
No you can't!I agree, They all died for the same reason! FREEDOM!
Wow my friend just was told the week before last that she could not rent a place here in Miles City because she has children! They actually told her that! It is not fair or apparently legal for one to + 273 more characters
Thanks for sharing! I am not as pissed off anymore, but every time I see an older white mini van I find myself wondering is that the idiot that almost hit me! This has made me an even more cautious dr + 114 more characters
To the IDIOT...In the White older minivan this evening that cut out in front of me turning from main onto Winchester ..... I almost T-boned you! What the hell were you thinking? I came within inches i + 574 more characters
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