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This is my tested and proven method. I have NEVER had a bad prime rib after I started using this method! Oven: 500 degrees Time: 5 minutes per pound, plus 10 minutes at the end. At the end of the time + 540 more characters
"We broke up for religious reasons. I'm a Baptist, she's a bitch."
OOOOOOOOO!!!!! I wish I had antlers!!!!
OK, to explain in more detail... RUE 21 has already signed a several year lease for the building behind Sherwin Williams. The current owner of the building is selling it as a package deal. Whoever buy + 106 more characters
The pile of dirt at the new armory location is a special "soils test" that is required by the state. It measures how much the soils will solidify and settle. I think the test has to run, undisturbed, + 94 more characters
The owner of the building is selling the building, the land, and the lease. RUE 21 is still coming to Miles City.
I saw a bunch of Styrofoam on Haynes last night, in front of the Cenex gas station. No plywood though. My jobsite was secured.
Raoul, Send me your email or physical address and I can send you our invitation flyer. My email is [email protected]
I miss the old drive-in theatre. I miss the Red Rock supper club. I miss HARDEE's! I miss the downhill bike trail on Carbon Hill. (The trail that had a huge jump at the bottom. The same jump that I in + 658 more characters
You should try making some milkshakes. Those bring all the boys to the yard.
url TADA!!!!! Thanks for the help!
Thank you MRH. I haven't quite figured out the "link" thing yet.
I noticed a few weeks ago how Arby's flag was wind torn and ragged. It was in need of replacement. Then just a few days ago I noticed the flag was not flying anymore, their pole was empty. This mornin + 821 more characters
OH CRAP!!!! I've been living my life according to the number 41.5.......... so close.
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@Brandon J, Can I help with anything? I would be willing to donate labor to the cause!
This sight lays out the rules and regulations on handguns. Some people should read this.......Just Sayin'. url *OOPS. I missed the link posted above. Both links have great info. Mine is Montana based. + 1 more characters
OMG! I've been using Gmail BROWN this entire time! I wonder if I can get a refund for all the money I have spent downloading and updating the Gmail "Brown" account.
I've got my tickets!
If the world was to come to an end.....Chuck Norris would be all alone.
Chuck Norris is nothing but a puss! If he is as great as everybody says he is, then he would be here slamming my head into my keyboa..... asccvaknzsiyvuoiszcr08342q7t5cq13 lij132cuhv t150cslknscvl mi9 + 47 more characters
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