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Well sound like your requirements are limited, you may consider getting into a unit and then finding what you would really like and move to the new house. Just an idea. Hope you find what your looking + 130 more characters
Casino may have pictures I am sure they have cameras inside, did he check the time or ask if they knew of anyone that was there about that time.
E-squared Concrete are honest and reliable, there work is one of the best in Miles City and around. You might check with them 232-2562, if they can't help they will send you who can.
I don't want to fight or anything, and I really like the idea of having 2 new hotels in town, knowing how the oil boom may or may not effect us. But I know that a lot of people owning homes now in the + 826 more characters
How much is it for the preschool, monthly or yearly. Thanks
I think that the fire restrictions is on the Custer County, not Miles City right now. Just call Fire Department. That is what I was told.
We go to Forsyth or Terry Pools, you can get Number in the phone book under Municapal pool (hope I spelled it right) under city government
Lets just agree to disagree,one person at this moment, tomorrow someone else willstep up. So I don't agree it can't be the first time. Have a good night and take a chill pill.
Amorette, but truly right now it is about one person, so don't loose you head over it. Live with and control is good.
Annie221, you maybe right, it is hard to care for so many, that is why there are people that are willing help. I would do so and have helped before to save animals I however will not kill them, as for + 371 more characters
My meaning is the person who puts the dogs to sleep does not ask for help (if they did I would line up to help) they determine after a period of time which dog get put down. I am not for putting the d + 435 more characters
Laura, Diane has said over and over that she will only care for 8 dogs, she has 5 dogs, 3 of these are dogs that were given to her because they are in poor health and she can't get anyone to take them + 793 more characters
Yes Amorette (forgive me if I misspell your name) But Diane dogs do bark, but the law says it must be continually barking if you read it over, but like all dogs if someone comes to your house your dog + 804 more characters
Kelly what you said is true, I am sad to say this person does not give out these dogs away if she can't help them she puts them down. However I am happy to say that Diane has helped in the hundreds to + 421 more characters
I think that before you say someone is against something you need to check out who you are refereing to. I have never heard any of the people listed say they were against it. There are some that are a + 352 more characters
I would like to let everyone to know that I am for the Dog variance, we need people to help these animals. They have information on the proposal and I hope people will realize that we have many dogs-c + 479 more characters
what is the address of the school
Sunshine Hair Designs ask for Marty she is great and reasonable
It is wonderful, had it in our first house. Loved it the floors were always nice and warm. It was cheap too.
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