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I give a shout out to the crew that keeps the weeds down.. the trash picked up..the road kill cleaned off of the road..the rest area mowed and unclutterd;I drive this road twice a day Monday - Friday + 149 more characters
Does anyone know when the last time there was any flooding in the mapped out flood plain?
Very true about the bowling pin!!My granddaughter calls it her trophy and is verv proud of it..What a great momento from a special occasion in her young life!
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Hey Miles City, I just took my granddaughter to the bowling ally for her sixth birthday...She had seven other children show up for her bowling party..I cant tell you how many smiles and giggles ther + 441 more characters
The area of my purchase is township 8 north,range 49 east section 3.
Im one of the many that purchased land in the sundial area that the county refuses to file a deed for.Ive had my 40 acres paid off for over 10 years and still today the county says no! If anyone has a + 72 more characters
I would like to thank you for your responses and also say, sorry I had to read most of them. To date have not been back and as said before...NOT GOING BACK!!!
Well here is my rant...I got to work on Monday morning to find out I would be needed for a night shift for a few weeks,also I might be using my car to give a few folks a ride during my shift.So I head + 1066 more characters
yes or no
And the winner is......THE BEST LIAR!!!!
Cant believe the knotheads bashing someone for makeing the community aware that there is vandelism takeing place in our town!!!
Im in Dickinson,got up at 5:00am it was 33.
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