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It's perfectly clear to me that the reason we have problems with Miles City youth is not because of a lack of a safe, open enviorment for them, it's the adults. the youth don't need help, it's the adu + 690 more characters
Are you all serious on this, or is it a sick, twisted joke. This woman is DYING! and all you can do is talk shit? Larry, this ego trip needs to stop. oh poor you, you got an email saying lawyers were + 857 more characters
what i don't get is everyday i hear at least one adult talking about how bad our town's underage drinking is and the dropout rate, and drug use among our youth, my idea will be mostly on donations. ye + 981 more characters
i'm hoping this will work, but if i don't get more support and willingness to help from the community, i don't think my idea will work. i really want this to work and if people really start getting be + 93 more characters
ooo, ya i don't have the finacials to do that. i'll try to contact them though. any ideas though to get this idea off the ground, or any more input??? thanks everyone!!!!
Fun2U? It sounds familier but I never found out what they do.
thank you josh. like i said as soon as i get the email saying i can apply, and the community backs me, i'll do it. if we don't get the money i would still like to do this. and i will need your help jo + 98 more characters
For some time now I have been thinking of a complete Recreational/community center for the youth here in Miles City. My idea includeds: - an indoor or outdoor paintball field -dance area - gaming area + 1064 more characters
just heard silverstar's sign or something blew off. any news if anyone is hurt?? I hope this dies down soon. it's scaring my son and I.
I can't speak for anyone else, but this wind is driving me crazy! I'm pretty sure the tree next to our apartment is getting ready to fall over.
the pictures look great dad!!
The only thing i can think of is the one at the park needs to seperate the ages better and make the younger ones area bigger. It was way to crowded and some of the older kids in the younger age group + 140 more characters
I would love to be a part of the Ghost tour. Still need people?
ha ha wow.
Amorette, A contest would be fantastic. Whenever you want to get it going let me know. I would love to help!
yesterday my dad took a walk with me and my son, on the way he asked the question above. I told him that I have but never really stopped and took it all in. He then began to point out some of the amaz + 259 more characters
Ha ha your funny nevets. i was just curious.
I'm all for believing in whoever/whatever you believe in, but don't push your believes on me. If I, or anyone really, wants to believe in God, Budda, Zues or what/whoever I will. I don't want someone + 178 more characters
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