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Good luck because the Sherriff's department will not find out anything!!
Awesome as usual!!
Cubby open your mind to outside world and look around Miles City!!
Miles City still has the "Good ol Boy"" attitude!!
I have been convicted of something that I was innocent of, because of officer Battin testifying and a 911 of a screaming offender that started it all!! She caused it and did damages and called 911 and + 188 more characters
Afraid to talk or a coward?
If you think the Sheriff's Department will help when called? Wrong, they have to check out politics of who you are and what kind of money you have!! If your just a property owner and dont have much. + 163 more characters
The best way to feel better about yourself is by going to Wal-Mart and look at other shoppers!!
RE: Court 10 years ago
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Well said and AMEN!!!
My anger is from constanly being "Stalked and Harrassed" By Aaron Aye!!
You can assume you are intelligent and still your all that thinks so!!
The only damages have been done by Aaron Aye!!! All was recorded and photographed and still Law enforcement is unable to "Protect and Serve"
Really I harass an old Lady? If she was so scared of me then why wasd she not telling this to the judge?
Nice Bullshit Lies!!
The Aye Brothers have enogh money from their daddy that the County Law will not bother them!!
If you were of any intellegence you would understand that your brother is not Mentally capable to walk unassisted in this world, Like your sister is!!
Those blocks are on the Road Easement!!
I have talked to the County Commisioners and they CSD, pawned this off on the County Road foreman, he wrote a letter stating that is was "Unlawful to place obstructions on roadway!!
It is funny, That things are put into those books saying what is "The Law!!" But the enforcement officers are refuseing to do their job?
It is funny that our County Sherrif's office cannot inforce the law? Dave Powers is saying "It is Civil" So he helped The Law Breaker do it and threatened me! It is really stange that the CCSD will dr + 466 more characters
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