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Any information if Fort Keogh is allowing or going to allow public access this spring and summer?
Anything new here? Its September now.
Why can't we have paid fire volunteers pay them for their training and when they are called to a fire. Then we could staff an ambulance crew and when one ambulance is called out call in another crew t + 215 more characters
Someone finally hit the nail on the head. Maybe get the fire department involved with the pool, they can probally get it funded they get everything else they want.
What kind of business are you opening? Are you going to employ as many people as Wal-Mart? What ever happened to your website for Miles City? Just curious on what you have to offer Miles City.
What retail business in Miles City pays $18.10 an hour? Please let me know so I can apply there, also does Albertsons pay this much? I doubt Albertsons pays that much more than Wal-Mart.
Are you comparing Wal-Mart to Hitler? That is quite a stretch don't you think? Can you state some similarities to Wal-Mart and Hitler? Which one is the question mark again?
Eric do you shop at Wal-Mart or do you shop locally. If so where do you shop. Wal-Mart gives alot to the community just about anybody that asks for a donation gets what they ask for. Working at Wal-Ma + 217 more characters
Just an idea 30 years ago how many more farmers and ranchers were in this area alot more. I suppose Wal-Mart put them out of business. No they didn't there are very few family farms anymore there are + 909 more characters
I have to agree that the fire department is a sore subject in Miles City. We do need the ambulance service but a full time fire department. The city should be able to hire a consultant firm and resear + 346 more characters
Whats wrong with naming a city after an indian killer as you say. He was just following orders on what to do. Also I agree don't complain if Miles City is so bad move to some place that is better. But + 143 more characters
Why should the new pool if we ever got one built be named after Dave he was against Miles City building a pool to begin with. The man did alot of great things in this community but he shouldn't be mad + 126 more characters
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