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......If you want to hear a lovely night of wonderful music from local "STAR's"......please COME and ENJOY and ring in the sounds of the beautiful Christmas Holiday! GRACE BIBLE CHURCH @ 7pm on Novemb + 166 more characters
I was told they no longer detailed vehicles. I hope I'm wrong since I need my vehicles detailed also.
How do we contact you if we would like to order? Or one of the cheerleaders?
Has it been disclosed to the public, what the school board discussion is for next year coaching staff?
A very large (well fed) black/brown Lab was laying in my garage early Sunday morning. He/She was very tired and appeared to of been possibly down by the river as his lower body was all wet. This dog w + 575 more characters
The big concert is tomorrow evening. There are some very talented individuals in Miles City and some of them will be sharing their talent with us. Please do not miss out. Bring your family and freinds + 1 more characters
Presented by Lois Skinn. Free Admission First United Methodist Church Various Churches presented Dec 20, 2011 at 7:00PM Refreshments following concert Come listen to the great talent of Miles City. M + 21 more characters
I do and I love it. This is the second year it has been on and so far I have to say I preferred the first season must more.
Thank you for the information. It sounds bad but manageable with some restrictions. I wish the best for John.
I have heard some rumors around town that John has cancer, I want to set the story straight. John has Crohn's Disease and that I understand it is not life threatening. I don't have a lot of informatio + 190 more characters
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