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Dumb question but does the "permanent rink" mean that there will be no more horse shows and such at the Agri Sports building?
doug Emeline purchased it last year.
Anyone know what the deal is with the helicopter tonight. It has gone by 5 times now. Too dark to see if it is a hospital helicopter - I pray not because it must have been bad for it to be roaming aro + 18 more characters
Kim- I would like to volunteer this Saturday - do we need to volunteer at the site we have our baskets or will you tell us where to go for the best utilization of volunteers?
We were going to try one at the hospital but found out today that the schools are having one at 11:00 at the Track - we would rather show solidarity so are asking that everyone who was going to meet a + 44 more characters
Meet at the hospital parking lot. This will be very informal. You can walk the path or go in groups elsewhere. We will basically have a starting point for people and then it will be up to them which d + 25 more characters
Thank you so much!
url I hope the photo works. I would like to somewhat organize a place for people to meet who would like to run/walk for Sherry to show support for her kids. I am not sure of the lagistics of putting + 104 more characters
We are up by Highland Park School and it has been horrible this weekend. Was starting to worry there was something wrong with just our house for as much as it has been happening this weekend.
Is anyone else having a problem this weekend with the electricity blinking on and off? Has happened 5 times Friday 4 times yesterday and again 5 times today! Grrrrrr.
Is it possible to have someone pick up our baskets? I ordered mine and just found out a trip planned for the next weekend got rescheduled to this weekend!
Kim- do I just sign up online?
Unfortuneatly nothing -
Bump.....Just keeping this to the top in case anyone has seen Socks.
Food has been put out at Pacific. If anyone see's her please give us a call. She is a little skitish but a sweet cat. Her name is Socks. I don't know if she will come to it. Also one of the tips of he + 42 more characters
Amen! She was a doll and will be missed.
There are 2 performances. One at 2 and one at 6:30. Theme this year is Broadway - going to be a lot of very cute dances!
Richard, I hope that I am not complaining just to complain. To me, flying rocks in a crowd of little kids as well as a fishtailing car between rows of pedestrians is way more of a safety hazard than a + 345 more characters
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