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Thanks everyone for your help! I will be looking for more info soon
I want to get my 11-year-old son involved in wrestling but I can't seem to figure out who to get in touch with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Woo-hoo! Now if we could just get the "don't ask don't tell" mentality out of most of our community members.
I read the last bit out loud to my young son and he literally jumped for joy and shouted "Woo-hoo"! When I read that it is a huge step forward. I'm sure he's not the only young kid around here who is + 27 more characters
I recently moved into a house on South Merriam and was wondering how old it was and if it had any history behind it. Is there someway I could find out? If so, where would I go? My neighbors have told + 96 more characters
Come and take a "peek"! Tomorrow's the big day
Online applications available on our website!
Peek-a-Boo Nursery is a soon-to-be-opening Miles City Daycare. We specialize in bringing quality care to infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months. Our curriculum, play equipment, and whole facil + 704 more characters
You can actually work at McDonalds when you are 14. They limit certain areas and you can't work past 7 or something like that.
Does anyone know what kind of classes they are offering to kids this summer? I looked on the Art Center website, but there is no info...
He teaches the classes for can give a donation if you wish, but it is not required!
Maybe it was the Bison. Guess that would make more sense! They must have been right in front or behind them...oops!
The thing that bothered me most was that Stevenson and Sons were throwing lapel pins that had a logo for a brand of whiskey...
I heard through the rumor mill that Miles City is going to be getting an Arby's, and that it is already in construction. Is it a rumor or is it true? Thanks for the info in advance!
It would just be nice to have it indoors, and I think selling things in the skate shop is an excellent idea! Maybe something like the old roller rink used to do, only skateboarding instead??
I was upset to see that Dr. Rauh was retiring, but this is terrible! My prayers and thoughts go out to all the women that are currently using him as their doctor. Dr. Rauh is an awesome doc and I will + 24 more characters
"My vision is to get enough interested folks together to share the rent on a warehouse, or a lot of land, or a garage and build a ramp and some obstacles to share with the rest of the community." I l + 355 more characters
Thanks! How did I miss that? lol.
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