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The fox that comes by our house is never close enough to get a good pic of. I DO find his "action" left in the hills. LOL I came across a snake a couple weekends ago while mowing. I had the advantage. + 349 more characters
I stop at the manor every night. The handicapped people you mentioned have always been very nice. A good share of them are vets. They have manners. They don't try to run over anyone with their scooter + 130 more characters
If you were on the Manor's website, you will see that it still says Tom Wankel is running the place. He hasn't been there for years. If I knew where to complain, I would. The lady that is there now is + 285 more characters
My mother lives in the Manor. Are they really still working on windows? They started that mid summer. The day they were on my mom's floor (4th), the temp was 103, they left the windows out for hours. + 645 more characters
My sister, Donna Jean, worked for Jim in the soft lines department when I was little. Every time they had a fashion show, she made me model in it. Hey Mike (Schmitz)... were you the one that put the c + 61 more characters
Awesome! Move over James and Lars. LOL.
I very rarely agree with Kacey, Gunner and Richard, but this is good news. To make matters worse, apparently her mamma never told her that a lady never eats hotdogs, corn dogs or ice cream cones in t + 30 more characters
HAHAHA!!! That'll teach ya, Gunner.
Elvis - Its Now or Never. Michael by the Highwaymen on the country charts. At least it wasn't Boxcar Willie or Freddy Fender!!!
So... in a nutshell, we have one council member that oversteps his bounds on a regular basis, one that falls asleep on a regular basis (not in the article, just from viewing), one that has his nose st + 1087 more characters
Red Lodge has some mighty tasty brews! And the Clydesdales are the best part of the Budweiser Brewery tour in Ft. Collins.
This piece of political toilet paper would be great for the bottom of the bird cage. However, the Easy Chicken Fried Rice didn't look too bad. I wonder of the PO would take all the political adds and + 118 more characters
Not knocking Metallica for being in. Most of their music is too "dark" for me. I do have a few downloaded on my phone. Deep Purple should be in since they were inspiration to so many musicians that fo + 84 more characters
Rush Deep Purple Heart Joan Jett Anything Disco should be permanently snubbed! Disco sux! And go figure, Metallica made it before KISS.
Tucker, normally, you and I don't agree, but, this letter hits the nail on the head.
OMG, everybody! Yes, I hate the fact that I have to vote for the person that I hate the least to get the person I hate the most out of office. Until the Dems AND Repubs pull their heads out of their b + 839 more characters
url How about a bacon casket?
I know who you are. I don't know WHY you WOULD want A ROUND-A-BOUT. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I h + 366 more characters
Having the shopping that we used to have would be great. and if any idiot out there wants to put in a ridiculous round-a-bout, i would have to pile some dog poo on their front steps!!!
in 1980, when I could LEGALLY drink, (yes, i'm getting old) it was located at 510 Main, which was the old O'connors News Stand and Aye Insurance. I now work in the same building which is Security Abst + 140 more characters
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