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I, too, will be voting for Steve. He is a hard worker and will do what he can for Miles City for his voting district. Let's give him a chance!
On Sunday the 25th, the Range Riders Museum is sponsoring "Trails, Tales and Tombstones ". Tickets are available at the Chamber of Commerce for $15.00. This is a wagon ride and tour of the cemetery, w + 678 more characters
Yes, they can, but there will be a charge of $30.00.
Hoping to reach more All 60's graduates for the reunion that will be held in Miles City on September 11 and 12. The price is $70.00 per person which includes all the festivities on Friday, the registr + 838 more characters
We had a neighbor by the name of Paul Byington and he was a conductor on the Milwaukee railroad that went from MC to Marmouth. He and his wife Mertie were wonderful people.
The deadline for the early bird price of $60.00 per person will end on August 1 for the All 60's Reunion that will be held September 11 and 12. If you have not been notified or did not get a registrat + 244 more characters
Very nice man was principal when I was in school.
I didn't mean to dislike....yes, Carter was a very complex man. I have known him all my life and he lived life to the beat of his own drum...When I first went to school at MSU, I lived with his mom an + 305 more characters
Eileen Darcy Bartelson...would you be able to give us any information on who built the Darcy hospit and when? Any information on this building would be of interest to me. We are doing a horse drawn ri + 146 more characters
There was an old hospital on the 700 block South Strevell years ago called the Darcy hospital. Does anyone have any information that they could share with me on the hospital. I do know that Sadie Lind + 239 more characters
I could measure you for a tux too....give me a call 234-1217. Thank you!
Glad that you bought your tickets...hoping for lots of people and nice weather!! It will be fun!
Stories in Stone will be held on September 27 and 28. The cost for the event is $15.00 per person. This is a horse drawn wagon ride to the cemetery with a narration, as we visit the grave sites of for + 250 more characters
I can help you out...
We live on the 500 block of Yellowstone and this street has become the "Race track to and from Neu View". We have lived here almost 35 years and it has become a well travelled street with the housing + 824 more characters
It was beautiful and so meaningful now that I know what it was...now, I have an answer to my question and I don't have to question my sanity...thank your for letting us know! And what a rememberance f + 21 more characters
Did anyone see the orange lights that were in the sky about 6 o'clock this evening? They were in the southwest traveling in a southeast pattern ...all at the same speed, many, many of them, some in bu + 761 more characters
We had a grand total of 5 spooks and goblins....rather disappointing!
Jean is in a resthome in Wyoming and John is in Billings. Their health was bad and the children decided to move them closer to families. Their home in Miles City has been sold...I miss them and their + 16 more characters
I think the addition to the Stardust is wonderful...brings back lots of memories and brings to mind many people of the past! Keep it up!
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