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I agree with Tom, it's a form of censoring.
Dislike hasn't worked for a week or so, wondered if webmaster wasn't taking lessons from Hillary's campaign.
Not a single Republican voted for Obamacare, Democrats own it.
Nobody said ALL premiums were raising by 100%, but some are. Obama is the one who lied to win the argument, Democrats own this disaster.
Well said Rob.
Maybe Hillary should have picked Al Capone as her running mate.
Bridgier, your fourth place finish at the rural spelling meet is showing.
Richard, you're comparing apples to oranges, since 1994 the Bureau of Labor Statistics has quit counting those who are no longer looking for work, the current actual unemployment figures are something + 44 more characters
Mufasa, I think you're right, pundits from both sides thought the debate was a landslide.
Kudos to the Billings Gazette for endorsing Steve Daines.
Bridgier, people like you and Gunnar open your mouths and send more votes to the Republican party than any national debate could ever accomplish, thanks for the help, welcome back.
You're Welcome.
Well here it is again, the typical liberal gangbang, you can always tell when they're out of credible points because they throw their race card. I made two points, 1. We lost our freedom to decide for + 369 more characters
How can any dog hunt in that kind of spin?
Your poster is about as accurate as the rest of the rhetoric you use, liberals aren't any more compassionate than conservatives,no matter how many times you repeat it or how many phony pictures you di + 7 more characters
I'm saying Obamacare is not a good solution, it has nothing to do with Christianity, liberals don't hold the corner of the market on compassion.
Howdy, because driving is considered a privilege, no one forces you to drive, thats your decision and the insurance required by government is to protect the other party. Obamacare requires you buy ins + 437 more characters
Jeri, perhaps you are right, anybody anticipating the implementation of Obamacare should read, The Truth about Obamacare by Sally C. Pipes an expert in healthcare reform.
That ones easy Richard, how about this, the freedom to determine for myself whether or not I want to purchase health insurance, without penalty of fine or tax.
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