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There will be a meeting for coaches at CCDHS at 6:15 on Monday, January 25th in room 402. Parent and player meeting is at 7 p.m. in the CCDHS gym, followed by a skills workshop for the players with th + 228 more characters
The ad on OPI's job site states that the applicant must have at least 3 year's superintendent's experience at a school with at least 500 students K-12. There are a couple of B schools that are that si + 178 more characters
The piece I saw on the 5:30 news last night had Jay Kohn narrating, not Julie Lovell. There was not even a reporter on site... it was just a news piece read aloud with a picture of Dr. Rauh on the scr + 5 more characters
Scott says that more than likely the band will play at the Montana Bar after the parade. It gets pretty crazy in there, lots of people, but it's pretty neat when the pipe band and the Cavalry band pla + 29 more characters
Good work Rick. That gives a much more accurate feel for what's going on. Every report I hear conflicts with another one. It makes one feel pretty helpless!
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