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Is this the Alice vs. Roxanna boxing match I've been hearing so much about? If so, count me in!
Great! I can't wait for some sunshine!
Just thought I'd start a new topic with a positive message! Aren't rainbows great? XOXO Gail
See the new forum - "Hugs, Rainbows, and cuddly, wuddly kittens!"
I am bored 14 years ago
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Is it just me or are the forums a little bit boring without CCR and Eric battling it out?
Eric, Why do you think you lost the election? Do you think CCR and her allegations had any effect?
Don't you get it, Eric? That is EXACTLY what is wrong with you. You took each sentence I wrote and attempted to tear it apart. It makes you look like an overly defensive baby. Let it fricking slide, d + 90 more characters
(Drumroll please) I agree with Rick! Eric needs to learn to to take criticism if he is ever going to hold public office. He seems to think he is doing the city a great favor by being willing to confro + 497 more characters
You're crazy, Wilbur. I like you, but you're crazy.
Bad idea?!?! It is genius. I forgot that the people of Miles City can rarely tell the difference.
What is all this talk about Bill being too much of a liability? Since when are the American people shocked or surprised that he is living the fast life? It is part of his charm. Don't believe me? Ask + 71 more characters
I have an idea, CCR! Why don't you just send a random friend for coffee in the morning? It isn't like Eric will recognize you anyway. Just pay some lady a few bucks to walk in, introduce herself as "C + 54 more characters
You guys are so fricking weird. Don't you think you should be communicating privately? Just let the forum know what the two of you decide. All this back and forth is making you both seem crazy. That b + 77 more characters
Will you be posting any of the photos of Miles City babies?
Is there anything you're not an expert on, Amorette?
Yay! I was worried I would just have to watch it in 15 second intervals on the miles city voice site. I hope the streaming video works.
Free TACOS!!!! Bucking Horse Sale 2008!
What should we be fighting for, Rick?
Salvation Army Holy Rosary Hospital Foundation Dollars for Scholars The Food Bank Eastern Montana Industries Custer Network Against Domestic Abuse Custer County Art Center Foundation RSVP Custer Count + 273 more characters
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