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Hmmmm...... Not sure how we moved from Illegal immigrants paying taxes to CEO pay, but I'll play! GE ranked 4th on the Fortune 500 list with $156B in revenue, more than the total of many countries. Je + 972 more characters
Thanks Bridgier..... Another Darwin canidate heard from.
Howdy, This is the stupidest thing that I have heard and if you believe it, please don't run for political office. Do you think it maybe a little biased coming from someone named "ALBOR RUIZ"? Talk a + 339 more characters
Bin Laden's last text: BRB, someone's at the front door..........
I appreciate the fact that everyone wants to improve the field. But I still struggle with the idea that someone could come in and "buy" the rights to honor someone. And to create a licensing agreement + 806 more characters
I knew John with both the good things that he has done for Montana and the bad things. A $125,000 to John is like one of us donating $500. John just do the right thing by donating the money and see wh + 64 more characters
Hmmm..... What's in history then. Maybe there is a company out there who would willing to pay $250k for the naming rights of Miles City. Maybe someone like Hooters and they could name it Hooterville f + 589 more characters
Anyone have an idea who this family is that is offering up the money? Maybe the individual deserves something some where and the $125k is just a nice offering. One I could think of is the Connor's fam + 536 more characters
AG, Where do you get a list of Gordie Spear's "All 1930-1980" All Star Legion Team? I wouldn't might seeing that. In fact knowing what Gordie did for covering sports in Miles City, I wouldn't mind see + 71 more characters
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