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If you are clean what do you have to worry about? Seems simple to me. Federal laws prohibit drugs, yet they pay for quite a few benefits, it's only fair....
Get in touch wit Ray Goroski. I don't have his number, bit I'm sure he's in the book.
We are out at Fort Keogh and it happened the same times you mentioned. The wife called MDU and got a remote answer. They said they would have someone come and check it and about 11:00 pm Saturday nigh + 85 more characters
Who cares??? Sounds like a personal problem to me....
Thanks Richard I appreciate it!
Just a quick question, I am looking to find the location of Wibaux Hall. The Star said it was the site of the first Caledonian gathering. Thanks
Well put, Tucker!!!!!
Actually, Dan, I'm not. I just don't like seeing the good people of our community degraded by these two. I'll bet there are countless Fortune 500 companies lined up & down I-94 looking to come to a bu + 145 more characters
What started out as an innocent question turns into this?
Cory, the pics you and Hal found were apparently of an earlier era, none of the buildings are there today. The homes have been moved to the fish hatchery and to the fort itself, as a matter of fact, I + 579 more characters
Cory, I work at Fort Keogh, and spend a lot of time at the radar base. I can tell you that there is nothing but a couple of buildings and sidewalks, along with some foundations left. I really apprecia + 148 more characters
That's one side of the story........Let's hear the other one
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