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Thank you to everyone who helped with the Reunion. I had an absolutely fantastic time. It was so wonderful to see people from other classes also. Once again, thank you. Nancy Torgrimson Gerch '74
Bobbi, any update on the street dance Friday night? Also, is there going to be a bus tour Saturday? Just things I have read about here in this forum. I drive to Billings tomorrow morning and on to MC + 106 more characters
I also would like to thank all involved getting this organized. I know it has been a HUGE undertaking. Thank you especially Bobbi, can't wait to see you and everyone else from class of '74 et al. Nanc + 17 more characters
Hello Belinda and all others! Looks like I am coming alone. My son has a Boy Scout summer camp that ends on Saturday June 14th, so my husband needs to go pick him up. Just figures, huh!! I'm still exc + 267 more characters
Hi Bobbi! We did move, new address is 1312 Jade Lane, Longmont, CO 80504
sorry, just double sent my previous paragraph
Hello from Nancy Torgrimson Gerch to my fellow classmates from 1974! I still live in Longmont Colorado. I am looking forward to coming back to Miles City for the reunion. We (my husband, son and I hav + 429 more characters
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