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Want to know how Our Representative voted?? url just click on the vote count and find is name... Just a hint you can look for the N as he didn't support critical infrastructure improvements for Easter + 474 more characters
How did our elected Representative (a member of the House Appropriations Committee) vote. Three guesses. url url While Republican legislators have supported tax giveaways to multi-national corporatio + 1681 more characters
HB 234 - shooting range program – Rep. Ballance is carrying this bill on behalf of the Montana Shooting Sports Association and it has passed out of House Appropriations committee on a party line vote + 1315 more characters
While we may not agree with all that the Montana Department of Fish and Wildlife does they play a vital and very professional role in ensuring a viable future of outdoor recreational opportunities and + 2471 more characters
The truly despicable aspect of this, beyond the bigoted stereotypes this type of legislation is built around, is that the Montana Legislature cut significant funding from "child and family service" bu + 57 more characters
Regardless of which "Party" is tied to this, behavior this egregious is a direct threat to the principle of "separation of power". A principle that our system of government is built on. I pray that p + 179 more characters
Thanks OddJob.... used my dust off and got that cap lock problem all cleared up........
ODDJOB WROTE: SB 289 states "(d) A political committee is not formed when a combination of two or more individuals or a person other 2 than an individual makes an election communication, an electionee + 1953 more characters
How did or will your elected representative vote Senate-endorsed campaign finance bill aimed at 'dark money' HELENA — A bipartisan coalition in the Montana Senate voted Thursday to pass a major campai + 7441 more characters
from The Montana Cowgirl Blog GOP Leaders Caught Trying to Keep Constitutional Problems with Bills Secret Posted: 02 Feb 2015 06:35 AM PST On Friday morning at 7am, democrats in the legislature succ + 3644 more characters
url Senator Lea Whitford Helena, MT · Well now lets talk about this land transfer (see attached article) if you don't think this does not affect you, you may want to rethink that! Stated by Senator Fi + 1061 more characters
2014 concealed weapons law costs Idaho colleges $3.7 million url Senate Bill 143 passed 2nd reading in the Montana Senate I sure hope it fails along the trail! Parents of college students beware this + 2314 more characters
Thanks David, Thought I had them bracketed .... So much for my thinking....
Hope this helps those of you who are interested. I hope you number in the thousands. Following the 2015 Montana Legislature “you can get anything you want at Alices R e s t aurant” OR IN THIS CASE TH + 1721 more characters
This week's saga of rules proposals, amendments, edits, and votes came to an interesting conclusion on the House Floor today. After withdrawing their most egregious proposals themselves amid press and + 1284 more characters
Just and FYI, the following is a facebook post by Representative Kim Dudik and offers frightening insight about the lengths the new ultra-conservative self-proclaimed "ruling class" in the Montana Leg + 1199 more characters
Newly elected Representative Ken Homlund will face his first test of character right out of the gate. If you've been keeping up with statewide news you'll know there is a proposed rule change that wil + 510 more characters
Quotes from the Montana Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen (R) Knudsen said taking back federal land in Montana also deserves a robust discussion. Opening federal forests to timber and mining could + 1914 more characters
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