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are they old enough to be put in good homes? If so you can call me at 851-0123. I will take the two siamese
Billings 9 years ago
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Is anyone going to Billings tomorrow? I would help pay for gas I am picking up a car and don't want to have someone make the extra drive for nothing. It would be the day of 6/8/13 any time after 10:00 + 154 more characters
The more you take away from it, the bigger it gets. What is it?? A hole..
Friday 9 years ago
in Humor, Jokes & Games
A cowboy rides in on Friday, stays three days and leaves on Friday. How does he do it?? His horses name is Friday..
What can you put in a Wood box to make it lighter??? Holes..
Why does the wind blow to the east so bad in Montana?? Because North Dakota Sucks..
Blonde 9 years ago
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Why do blondes not like to take birth control pills???? They keep falling out..
What do you do when someone from North Dakota throws a grenade at you??? You pull the pin and throw it back.
What's the difference? A Wicker basket is something you put stuff in and a wicker box is something Elmer Fudd does to his girlfriend. Sorry was that too bad??
Yeah that would be bad, I don't think that was this guys problem though. putting this out is my way to inform anyone of my experience and if there are others who may have had an unpleasn't experience + 50 more characters
M&H worker 10 years ago
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Am I the only one who thinks Niel that works nights at M&H goes way to far with things? I think he should get help or be terminated from his job, I had a very bad run in with him about counting money + 468 more characters
Reminder 10 years ago
in General Discussion
This is for you guys that had problems with either a water pump or radiator leaking. If you added water each time you may want to double check to see if your engine is protected. Enough antifeeze to p + 52 more characters
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