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Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to our big day out on the town of Forsyth! Definitely going to see the murals and the courthouse- may take a walk on the dike trail, and visit a shop or two to + 72 more characters
It actually took me a few tries on google, but I did find the website and its nice. we will check out some shops in downtown. What is the pool like? my kiddos aren't the best in pools, we used to liv + 91 more characters
thanks for the food suggestions... is there a town park? or a hiking trail? are there any stores there? When I go by on 94 it always looks like a cute historic town....
Going to Forsyth for the first time Thursday. Looking for suggestions on fun places to have lunch and to spend some time with a couple of kiddos- boys 3 and 5. We are pretty easily entertained, just w + 50 more characters
We get tomatillos at our Albertson's here in MC. I hear ya on the okra, though- I grow it myself in summer.
Hi there! Not sure where to post this, but here it goes: My family and I are leaving Saturday morning to travel for the holidays. We have two little ones and love trees so we did have a real tree for + 641 more characters
It's from Hunter S. Thompson. one of my favorites as well.
yeah. not frozen, meant not frozen. im making my own-- and in the near future whoever wants something with BOTH white and dark corn syrup can send me a message. otherwise its gonna sit til next thank + 149 more characters
Hey there MC'ers. So, I know you all apparently love your apple and pumpkin pies for thanksgiving but i was wondering if anyone knew where I can get a pecan pie? My hubby loves them and I work tomorr + 166 more characters
Still can't get this image thing to work. But... November 30th from 5:30pm to 7pm Yoga Partner Workshop Serenity Yoga Studio 1905 Main St. MC Bring a friend, sibling, spouse, or other person you feel + 288 more characters
one of my best friends had a baby yesterday! what a great birth date!
I would be interested. small minded folks can stay at home.
love this list! fell in love with reading by reading most of these books! two other banned ones that have a future where no one reads: A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and Brave New World by Ald + 472 more characters
your website says its $20 for the day to enter. I am hoping its $7 like you posted here. $20 for 5 bands is great, but I wanted to clarify. Also, can we bring in coolers? If you have food vendors, gr + 456 more characters
are kids welcome?
Oh I just screwed up doing a heart! like this and linked it instead! I am not terribly tech-savvy....
Serenity Yoga is now in full lotus with our new fall schedule! Kate Lincoln has joined Kara to give you more times to enjoy the benefits of Yoga! Kara is still teaching her class Mondays - Thursdays + 435 more characters
are kids welcome to this? if so, are tix $15 for them as well? what ages?
Would love to send my man to an open mike! if they don't have them here- someone needs to start one.
He is definitely up for time away from me! and I him.... lol thanks. I'll sign him up
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