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My Great Grandmother Mary Sophia Smith was an early member of the church and she and Etta Reckley were sisters. Mary always walked with crutches but the family stories tell of her putting them aside a + 49 more characters
My Dad, Paul Smith was a Milwaukee Conductor (freight) until the line closed down in this area in the late 70's. He was known as P.J. and worked with most everyone at one time or another. I don't reca + 572 more characters
Andy Elting, DVM and many more things, including state legislator, teacher,and mentor to young people with an open mind.
There are two more reasons to purchase one or more reliable water tenders. Althought the city water system is very reliable, it can fail in a specific area or suffer from an overall failure due to a m + 1184 more characters
During the former president's speech he mentioned that the insurance industry has "administrative costs" of 30% and medicare has administrative costs of 3%. Draw you own conclusion. Last time I heard, + 354 more characters
Hi Brandy: I remember "Pop" Konkright from his saturday night radio show on KATL which I think was KRJF in the day. He would start the half hour show with his trademark saying: "Lets turn the lights w + 115 more characters
Many people around town have had the idea over the years that Carbon Hill would be a great place for water slides. Since the City has to build a new water tank and it may be there, it would seem like + 1232 more characters
After following Eric's instructions, I had to turn off my pop up blocker and refresh twice. Check that if you haven't.
Ardie Smith thinks a good way to celebrate Constitution Day is to have me tell a Swedish joke to Deerslayer: Some Scandahovians are having a good time in the bar. A Norwegian comes up to a Swede and s + 575 more characters
Who should be our new mayor? I think Joe Whalen is a good choice. Joe likes to gather information before making decisions. He is a concensus builder. He will speak up if he feels there is inustice. Wh + 274 more characters
Great Idea! I'll chip in. This would be a great boon to people who can't get out to see what is going on downtown. A couple ideas: Ask MDU, Mid Rivers or the banks to be permanent sponsors like the F + 336 more characters
Hi: Don't have much time, but I will look at your problem and give you my opinion. (no charge) Len Smith 853 1638
Fred needs to get us oriented as to what streets we are looking at and from which direction. I do recognize the buildings in the second to last photo which were known as the "line" or "tongue river cl + 30 more characters
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