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I seem to remember a Bethany that attended Sacred Heart with us until, the 4th grade or so when they moved away from town. I'm certain her parents were involved with one of the car dealerships in town + 110 more characters
My grandfather's purple heart was in a case they had in their home out on the ranch. I used to look at it frequently because it had a distinctive appearance. I remember clearly when I was old enough t + 414 more characters
I'd say this is a clear cut case of knowing your audience.
It really is awesome that this event is still going on almost 20 years later.
He boils them in Cubby's tears!
If I am understanding this point correctly then all I can say is someone didn't notice a word. Two actually!
I typically shy away from anything that tries to wedge 316 million people's views into 2 vertical silos of thought. This book however was one of the few exceptions. While I still think one of the deep + 150 more characters
I immediately thought of Frankie MacDonald:
It is always entertaining when someone with obvious zero IT knowledge tries to make statements based on what they've seen on TV or in movies.
One of the coaches of a youth baseball team is a registered sex offender? This is a fact and not a product of the MC rumor mill? If true, is this a 17 yr old sexing up his 16yr old girlfriend type, or + 51 more characters
The layers of this issue are really complex. On one hand, it takes a person with an above average social intelligence to realize and agree with a lot of the points made in that article. The downside i + 682 more characters
You're deal didn't include a NDA? That is the most impressive part of the deal if true. Good stuff either way, grats.
I wouldn't want to live in the Calfironia economy but I'd love regular access to rte 1. The ride from Sausalito to Manchester is... amazing.
Those kind of videos get me through the long MN winters... Google Valentino Rossi if you want to see some crazy motorcycle racing talent.
My guess would be this is information for MC residents as this gentleman likely had unrestricted/unsupervised access to children whenever he lived here. That would be strictly a guess on my part thoug + 2 more characters
If you're talking about J and T, those were both really nice deer. I'm living vicariously through T atm.
It would be nice if people looked deeper to understand "why" people are losing their insurance plans. The Affordable Care Act provides minimum standards for a plan to exist. The plans being cancelled + 299 more characters
It is a special license and it is also pretty spendy. I was assuming no bars in MC would swing it, but figured I'd ask in case. Thanks for the lead on the Texas, last time I was in town at the same ti + 101 more characters
I'll be in town for the next UFC event and am curious if anyone shows the fights? Thanks.
I did not catch the show but it is a result of his success with his podcast: url He does a lot of reading on things and is very open to changing his opinion on something based on new information so hi + 187 more characters
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