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No, he just screwed Monica Lewinsky!!!
Park it in your neighbor's yard!!
It didn't say run out in front of a semi!!!! hahaaaa!!!!
I love Albertsons-in Billings
I think these have been around for a while but just thought most were funny. GEORGE W. BUSH We don't really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of + 4030 more characters
TK, my mom really likes the Chinese resturaunt in Glendive. Whenever I go back there to see her we go there a lot. It is really good food I just wish it was in a different location- not a real fan of + 338 more characters
Uh... from what I understand didn't Laura buy an animal crate you asked to keep? If you were wondering where that extra $30 went... well... She should not have to provide those things for you. Oh and + 123 more characters
You spelled it "tyroids". I was wondering what are those? I'm taking medication for my thyroids. I thought it might have been a new thyroid medication-darn!!! Also per KD's question what is an "opion" + 146 more characters
Noooo.... you have got that all wrong!! I am not either one!!! I do not even live in Miles City!!! I'm just a very good friend of her's and yes I will defend her when people try to drag her name throu + 64 more characters
You are full of crap!!!
Really, Diane? What Animal Shelters has she called? That's interesting. How do you know she was turned in to the MCPD? I think you are talking crap!!!! No- I know you are talking crap!!!
I have posted this on another thread but here goes. I have known Laura since elmentary school. I can tell you the things this personis saying about her are completley false. She is very harmless. I ca + 326 more characters
Umm.. Glendive is starting to see an increase in their enrollment Maybe not so much this year at the High School level, but they have seen an increase at the Elementary and Middle school level. Those + 275 more characters
What does Olive have anything to do with it?!!! She hardly posts on here anymore!! Leave her alone!!!
Well, not right now but if he has is way we will loose a lot of our feedoms eventually!!! Can't believe how may people are so blind to that!!!
If the enrollment says the way it is this year they will NEVER be class B!!! They may not have had a good football season in a while but they have had quite a few good years recently in other sports.
I don't know that Romney is the best choice for president either but I sure as he^* don't want Obummer!!!
One of these times Glendive just might surprise you!!!
Do you guys even want any of our freedoms we are now enjoying?!!! Because the way I see it Obama is trying to take them away!!! I can not believe people support that!!!
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