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I had 747.00 in collections that I had no idea why I never got a bill! Several from my newborn that were xrays that I never knew they did! All paid now but took a toll on my credit.
Getting a home loan here is hard due to most everything being in flood zone. Sure would be nice to have something done!
CAA and or Notbohms
Wallpaper isn't to bad to get off! When are you working on it!?
I too have never had any problems. And my daughter LOVES the 6th grade teachers!!
I would say it has to do with "who" orders "what", there is never any baby boys clothes from newborn to 2t but tons of girl. I went to get my nine year old some new bedding not a one for boys good thi + 256 more characters
This is the WORST Walmart iv ever seen!! They never have anything not fun trying to dress my 14 month old son when they have nothing,or went to buy garbage bags none there then milk was on the list an + 89 more characters
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Teachers start the 27th of August. Kids start the 29th of August.
Look at the posts...... supply is VERY HIGH where is the deamnd for LOCAL????
I'd like to know why letters weren't sent home to let other parents know.?. As far as the principle goes yeah right she has no clue she dont do her job as far as the rest nither do they!!!!!
I agree with evrything you said. Miles City is a very nice town but there is alot of rude and snotty people!! Hope all reads and sinks in some heads!!!
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