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Safeway used to be next to where Steadman's Ace Hardware is now. I remember Keith Wittenhagen's mom used to do the Safeway commercials. I don't think the A&T building was ever a grocery store (since m + 55 more characters
Wendy, Stacie Strom is/was my sister-in-law. No relation to Elmer Strom. BTW, Stacie passed away in December of 2014. Vicky Strom
My thoughts exactly, Amorette! Thanks!
I heard this story on Good Morning America this morning. I am glad that the major news programs are telling the story. I am praying for her safe return!!
Wow! That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
I am stunned as well! My prayers are with her children and family!
2010? Woo hoo smart friend! And if Shelley Nelson is from the class of 1985, she has passed away.
I agree with Wendy. Elizabeth Edwards was a classy lady. I just read that members of the Westboro Baptist Church were planning on picketing at her funeral.
It is so warm down here in Texas, we have our air conditioning on!
Way to go, Cowboys!!
Beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures. I enjoy seeing the beautiful Montana sky.
Wow! That is beautiful!
Her obituary is now posted on Stevenson's website.
Cory - I sent you an email.
I don't think so. I am just kidding.
Grammar police???? Wendy?
Larry does this site for FUN!
Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.
Ditto! Thank you to all Veterans!
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