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So many comments from people who have apparently never been in the Middle East and seen what goes on in the Islamic world. When all you have is the internet and maybe some friends who embrace the wate + 232 more characters
Panelist responds with some inconvenient facts about Islam - url.
How many of you who commented have ever actually been behind the scenes in the Middle East? If not, you have no idea what you are talking about. And comparing Islam to Christianity in regard to acts o + 626 more characters
David, I saw that, but something doesn't jive. In the story, that was just a - thus far - unsubstantiated or unconfirmed statement made by the bank, which is the defendant. Not sure the Montana Human + 481 more characters
If that story is true, then Stockman will be writing a big check. No apology to the employees and two hours of training? Obvious that Stockman doesn't take it seriously. There may be another side, but + 41 more characters
Glad to see Sue Miles involved with theatre, which I think is a true passion of hers.
"wtf" seems the perfect ID for that stooge, since that is what we are all wondering while trying to decipher their English language-challenged comments.
Wow, Tucker, I bow to thee. This started out as a partial, secondhand, story. And one that has still not been corroborated. I was a commissioned part and full-time law enforcement officer from 1986 to + 375 more characters
The accusations about and against this coach "Kevin" are so bizarrely different that they cannot all be true. Deal with personality differences one-on-one. If you choose a public forum as your method + 175 more characters
Sounds like another well-intended but secondhand partial truth to get folks stirred up. Wanna back up Amorette in that law enforcement credentials are not required for every type of enforcement. Code + 97 more characters
Dangerous to accuse someone of being a sex offender if not true. If not true that post needs deleted. If it is true, typically there are contact limitations that could, repeat could, prohibit being ar + 87 more characters
Story about him on USAToday - url There should be better systems in place to oversee law enforcement, lawyers, and judges. Not just in MT, but everywhere. Each group gets to police themselves, with ve + 132 more characters
With vandalism on his record, that kid may never get a "real job."
Like most, I am against cruelty to animals and to people. Everyone should have their pets spayed/neutered. And after reading some of the threads on this site, thinking we might also encourage it with + 26 more characters
I was wrong about Judge Judy. Perhaps Jerry Springer. Clearly we are missing some facts. BTW, I see that the locator thing shows me in DC? I'm in OK, but I lived in Miles City from 2003-2007!
Liz, my response about police "civil" comment being correct only pertained to the matter of the clothes/property in the yard, which was the only context it was first mentioned. Animal cruelty is clear + 101 more characters
If - repeat IF - these are the facts, then I would hope the renter's name gets circulated around town so that maybe justice of some sort will prevail. Like it or not, the police officer was correct in + 433 more characters
So The Star never publishes (hard copy or online) any story wherein someone died until after the victim's name is released by law enforcement, coroner, etc? That would be unusual. I tend to agree with + 116 more characters
Respect all opinions, but law enforcement routinely issue press releases and media print/broadcast preliminary reports stating identity of victim(s) being withheld pending notification of relatives, e + 3 more characters
A few years ago, Fort Keogh still had many of the original cottonwoods planted at precise intervals around the old parade field and officers quarters. Imagine the soldiers, probably the ones in troubl + 101 more characters
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