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This is a horrible loss to me and my family. Randy is my dad and Chad is a close friend. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.
Randy is my dad and it is great to see posts like this. We love and miss him dearly and love to see and hear stories about him touching other peoples lives.
My kids had a blast! Thanks so much!
RE: Suicide 11 years ago
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I find this thread ironic. You are arguing that (with Frost) Miles City is a great caring wonderful town filled with caring considerate people. Maybe you should go back and read your posts. The things + 348 more characters
Call Randy at Eye in the Sky. He does a great job! 234-5171
Changing the name of a baseball/football field in no way compares to changing the name of our town and making women wear provocative clothes. I by no means am saying that Mr. Denton should be forgotte + 535 more characters
I don't feel it has anything to do with honor verses money. I think Mr. Denton can still be honored in many ways (as others have suggested above). If he loved the game as much as said he did, he would + 312 more characters
Being from the younger generation in Miles City I have no clue who Mr. Denton is, and has horrible as it may sound I don't care. I have never sat at Denton Field and wondered why it was named what it + 661 more characters
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