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Buddhapest (n) Found only in Hungry. Similar to American Jehovah Witnesses.
Hmm... I add a word and an alternate definition (which is currently a yuuuge topic) and it is removed for being "off topic"? Your next word is "Autocracy"? Really? How ironically bigley of you. [Edit + 33 more characters
Trump is the bait, Pence is the switch.
So this has never made any sense to me. Let's suppose for a moment that there is no climate change or if there is, it is not man-made. Why would moving to cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy + 439 more characters
Words and concepts matter, or so we are told. I am flummoxed and angered by the lack of concern or outrage that our Congress is being allowed to redefine the concept of what it means to be a "lameduck + 1909 more characters
If you are on this list, you are on this list and what you did apparently doesn't matter. You all seem to be suggesting that people on this list ought to be treated according to there specific incide + 361 more characters
What say you....Predictions?
So where is "firetender"? Fires go out if they're not stoked.
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I'm guessing her brother got a kick in the butt regardless of whether Wendy won the argument or not.
Extreme how? Far as I know the KGB isn't on the ballot.
RE: Arcade 10 years ago
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I don't know if Paul Bergman (respiratory therapist) is still in MC, but he used to own the arcade that was by Bill's Mini-Market. He might be a good source of information.
Umm... can't help it if that is what my mom named me. Secondly, I was asking honest questions.
That joke wasn't funny when Mr. Bonine told it a few weeks ago, either.
Hmmm... this doesn't make any sense. If you could do it yourself in the first place, why would you call someone else? And if you are that cheap how do we know that you have access to all of the diagn + 183 more characters
Contrary to popular belief, there is no reward for finding the faults of other people.
Seems like you could have asked this without nitpicking at Howdy. Seems like when you write, it's like you need someone to juxtapose your thought against. I think you could be a better writer if you + 300 more characters
Can't be true, there is only one bar that serves Guinness.
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