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It is kind of funny this topic came up because I have been watching this on Netflix as well. I found this bit of information that I thought was helpful but it does not answer the question directly. I + 206 more characters
So this project isn't being railroaded??
I was waiting for a smash and grab on the cat from the eagle!
If you want to master the thesaurus as Bridger has done, the first rule you should know is: you don't talk about, mention, speak of, discuss, reveal, disclose, make known, divulge or chat about such m + 107 more characters
For What Its Worth: SOURCE: url
I have passed on the legacy as these cookies earned a purple ribbon at the Reno County fair this past year for one of my kids.
Does this mean that the Mayans were sieve-ilized?
I am not sure what funded the facility in Cody. I think there was a lot of private funding. For the Powell facility it was funded primarily through a 1% cap tax. Here is a link that explains the deta + 53 more characters
For those of you who keep saying that Miles City is too small of a community to support an indoor pool I would suggest that you take a trip to Powell and Cody WY. These two towns are both in the same + 627 more characters
FWIW: Princess the Camel has picked the New York Giants to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. url
I think this party platter would be hard to beat!
Levi, did it have fan blade marks on it??
I would encourage you to spell "encouragement" correctly! Thank You!
Why do I get sense that this thread is the work of an alter-ego from another B-L trying to liven up the conversation?
I guess I cannot speak for the youngest family members either. Maybe they were Screaming Eagles. I was not nor were any Bonine's who came before me.
I cannot speak for all of us (because I'm not that old ) but most of us were members of the Signal Butte Club. This club later joined the Prairie Scooters Club. This happened in maybe my 3rd or 4th ye + 80 more characters
For Mr Camping...
Looks like someone could be charged with nag-ligence
There was a recent news report which stated a 55 year-old male tourist was killed while riding a burro in the Grande Canyon. Apparently, as he descended into the canyon, there was a small rock-slide t + 240 more characters
Maybe we can get lemmy to export your jokes and comments to Nigeria instead!
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