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Muppets, the best cure for the Monday blues!!!
Check out Valley Auto, on 9th, during the holiday season. The train display is fantastic. I believe it recently returned to storage, so a little late this year.
Forsyth does have the nicest indoor swimming pool in the area. And, you are in luck as the pool is open thursday afternoon! The pool is located on the north side of town, next to the H.S. football fei + 559 more characters
Like Hellen Keller, Wendy is a non-bieliber. Sorry, had to be done.
With medicare and most other insurance plans the medical provider has a 12 month window in which insurance submission can be made for a particular date of service, corrected if needed and resubmitted, + 914 more characters
A clearly defined mushroom cloud was seen from my back door. A sound blast soon followed. Then, I lost my internet connection, which I have not yet regained.....
It's just enough. And in another 30 days or so, a little more would be nice. Still though, it's probably not enough to jump start the lawn like i'd like to have.
From my experience, one reason health care providers can never give an exact quote on the price of a procedure relates directly to what they don't know they are going to receive as payment from insura + 475 more characters
If you had ever seen me in H.S. track, you would have never bet on anything named Dill Pickle. Maybe if I tape my ankles though....
I understand right now is a great time to be collecting Sauger Eggs. Today I had the pleasure of a wonderfully tasty Catapillar Roll at Taste of Asia in Billings. When the V-Store in Forsyth closed + 193 more characters
I believe this post probably belongs in the humor section.
Lucky Bethel is the fishing instructors name. He has a video, 'The Riverbox Dance'. Very helpful for the fishing impaired, though it doesn't focus much on bank fishing. I do believe he will be focusi + 75 more characters
Too bad the Armadillo hasn't made it this far north. Mmmmmmm tasty!
None of you doubters has shown actual pictures of Chemtrails. Clearly, you can see them, they must be poison. And, there are text, backed up by confidence, to support these undeniable pictures! Why is + 178 more characters
I could be mistaken, but I believe Forsyth only has swimming instruction in the Summer months. I do not believe there is a program active during the school year at this time. I believe the phone numbe + 227 more characters
Karen, I invite you to make the short drive to Forsyth to visit our indoor, six lane 25M pool. Recent upgrades to the filter system have resulted in crystal clear water. The Forsyth pool is open Sund + 241 more characters
Next time you make a visit to you privately owned family practice, dentist, eyecare professional, or other medical service, ask them what their cash rates are compared to what they are required to sub + 17 more characters
"I noticed yesterday the prairie dogs have begun mating." Please, for all that is good and 'ole, elaborate on this observation.
RE: Skunky 11 years ago
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You'll need baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap. Mix the dish soap and baking soda into a mixture not so thick it can't be spread. Coat the animals fur with said mixture. Then poor the peroxide over + 189 more characters
Looks like the special effects are going to more betterer.
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