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And thank goodness for #6 & #8 too.
I'm not from Miles City, but I do visit quite often. I don't have any idea of the inner workings (per se) of the local government. So my comment is based solely on the reading of this thread. (I did h + 435 more characters
I have no frame of reference..
Does anyone have a special cleaning solution for removing coffee from a keyboard? I know this may not be anything special, but I probably should add I blew it out my nose.
Let's just hypothetically say someone is a Sunday child... let's define "gay" in this situation...
I believe it depends on the person and the situation. Recovered (recovering) drug addicts make the best drug counselors. Recovered (again, recovering) alcoholics make the best AA sponsors. These are t + 422 more characters
Regardless of who you are or what you believe in, there are a number of symbols that command respect. In this country, I would like tho think this song is one of them. I have heard it countless times, + 57 more characters
"Nobel For Nothing" (sung to the tune of "Money For Nothing") I want my Nobel Prize. I want my Nobel Prize. I want my Nobel Prize. Now look at them suckers, that's the way I did it. Dissed my country + 1365 more characters
As a smoker, I don't have a problem with the bars going non-smoking, if it was the bar owners choice. I think if I owned a business, paid the taxes and insurance, I should be able to put a sign on the + 218 more characters
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