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The mold has been removed from Discovery Pond by Ingraham Environmental Services.It is now dry and mold free. The building is being sold as an established business and the prospective buyers intend to + 69 more characters
Chad....of COURSE that's a Jack Russell (Parson Russell) on the surf board!! They can do ANYTHING!!
Chad, the whole event was awesome. I wasn't previously familiar with the group, but I enjoyed them immensely. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
Chad, Thanks so much for organizing this! It was so great to have something really different and fun to do. What a hoot!
The Tuesday market will begin NEXT week, July 21.
Saturday Farmers' market is at 8 AM in Riverside Park.
The Farmers' Market will take place this Saturday in Riverside Park. Tuesday's Star has details about the Tuesday Farmers' Market which will begin on July 21st on 9th Street. Chad, thanks for your vo + 150 more characters
Last month, Miles City was fortunate to have a presentation from Ralph Johnson from MSU about revitalizing communities. One of the things he stressed was drawing people into the community's center int + 504 more characters
Some time ago, Ken and Vicki Hess of the Dollar Plus Store wanted to explore the possibility of having the mid-week Farmers' Market in a downtown location. They met with Alice Nile and reported back t + 1198 more characters
The library expansion is called "Bring the Children into the Light," and will utilize the old bookmobile garage area to build a beautiful, spacious, brightly lit area for children and teens. Work has + 140 more characters
Cher to Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck, as she slaps him..... "Snap out of it!" Wizard of Oz Dorothy: Toto, too? Glinda Toto, too! Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dam + 61 more characters
No. no!! The MOST famous Miles Citian is Violet Beauregard, the crazy gum chewing girl from the original version of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! Every one who ever saw the movie was taken + 186 more characters
There is interest in some of the vacant downtown buildings. Unfortunately, sometimes the wheels of progress move slowly. But, as a downtown merchant, I am optimistic for the future of our downtown. Es + 173 more characters
Wilbur - I'm not sure what your legal background is, but local law enforcement is not in agreement with you. However, they have the advantage of having all the FACTS before them. It's probably not a g + 68 more characters
I'm not sure about Eric, but I'm pretty sure I DID see Elvis today.
Judge Judy would just think this case was someone yanking her chain because it's so weird. Too bad Twilight Zone isn't still on the air!
I wonder when Sarah Palin chose to be stupid??
Amorette... South 5th... in the old Tanning Patch space.
I can personally recommend Computer Solutions of Miles City, Brandon Holthus 234-5204
The Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama today. It was the first time they have EVER endorsed a Democrat.
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