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RE: Court 10 years ago
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Judge Huss seemed nice. I get a call in the middle of the day. I didn't think he would be able to get to MilesCity.Other than the guy he got some money from.He didn't have even a place to stay.I don't + 55 more characters
Court 10 years ago
in General Discussion
Does Judge Huss have to attend A school to learn to be a better judge.Last week he sentenced a young man to alot of years.He was barely given a chance to learn to live out of prison.He made a bad choi + 22 more characters
A long time ago I was attacked outside the Eagles Manor. A guy put his arm around me layed me down on the ground and held my mouth and almost strangled me. I "THANK GOD" I am alive.Somebody heard me s + 59 more characters
I drive by two nice men and have helped. They needed more help and have tried everyday. We need a homeless shelter. I told them about our soup kitchen. It is like liveing in our town. They don't know + 21 more characters
Fishing tackle and poles would be nice. A better selection of cd's
You can always shop at IGA in Forsyth.
I have to drive 42 miles to go to a concert in Forsyth. I have been going there alot lately.Iknow when they have fun stuff.I live in MilesCity.We should have outdoor summer fun on the same weekends.
I helped unload a truck the other night.If people dont like our Walmart and the work we do, they dont have to shop there.Our managers are doing the best they can do.They have to make time to put the p + 62 more characters
There was a guy hitchikeing today out by the Zip Trip. I walked over and asked where he was headed. He needed a ride to Billings and then to Idaho. I thought about takeing him to Hathaway. It was in t + 142 more characters
I think they should stand where people could see them. Off ramps are dangerous.They hold signs to get money so they can go back to where they are staying.
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