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What a tragedy to die so young....My deepest condolences Larry for your tremendous loss....and thank you so much for this web site to allow us all to voice ourselves...
Gee, Richard, that is about as clear as mud....
apparently he will be buried in Butte, which is where he was from ....
hostages taken in Clinton's New Hampshire office....A man with "salt and pepper hair" who says he has a bomb strapped to his chest...YIKES
I agree very silly but somehow feels threatening to me....I wouldnt want to sign any oath to either party....
very very sad....
declaring your party in a primary isnt anything new but I am talking about having to sign a loyalty oath that you will vote for the republican choice before that choice has been made....that is new to + 33 more characters
so you in essence have to swear to vote for whomever the candidate ends up choices....How democratic.... url
loyalty oaths?? in a democracy?? url
well I don't know about the gay rumor stuff but apparently his brother-in-law and nephew just got indicted for trying to bribe a judge...Link is to the acual indictment.... url
on a similar note, the government has dropped its request for the list of 24,000 customers who bought used books from Amazon after a judge told them that a persons reading habits were none of their bu + 38 more characters
Wow, if that passes so much for the bill of rights and the right of desent....thats scary...
no I dont think you are being too critical as I do agree that we have to weigh it all particularly Fox News and their sometimes bent viewpoints....Too bad there arent guidelines to help us...I guess j + 325 more characters
Hal, It was on Craig's list and I would have no idea if it is or not other than that....I agree about posting propaganda being terrible but on the other hand how on earth do you know which is to be be + 437 more characters
warning bad language that might offend.... url
isn't loading for me as well....
I never said I didnt care about the truth...Geezzzzzzz....and Richard I am sorry but I just cannot imagine being you plus why didnt you answer all the posts about your anti gay stance in the other thr + 7 more characters
I just think it is a bit silly to expect an apology from people who inadvertently pass info that later turns out to be false...All of us have probably passed info that was later found out to be not qu + 158 more characters
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