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I've read threads about this on several message boards now, and none of them have been as worthless as this one. Bookmark deleted. Goodbye.
url Sad story.
RE: Jet(s) 10 years ago
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I miss getting buzzed by bombers out of Rapid City. Used to love seeing them when I was a kid. Also miss fleet week in San Francisco where the Blue Angels would be practicing daily for a week before t + 89 more characters
I have no experience with East Main but I have worked with MC Vet for dogs, cats, cows, and horses and do so on a regular basis and I have nothing bad to say about them. Everybody there is professiona + 69 more characters
Even though prime rib is unquestionably better than turkey, if you eat it on Thanksgiving I support your name being added to a potential terrorist watch list.
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Who's to say that they're not collecting welfare as well? I have a feeling that panhandling money isn't getting reported to the IRS. As others have said, your money is better spent by donating to orga + 224 more characters
Don't forget the time making this post. If you had expended the energy you did over this lost $2.00 at a minimum wage job, you would have like $15.00.
Full Metal Jackets also contain lead. I don't think that's what she's talking about. I have personally never heard of lead free bullets aside from steel shot for shotguns.
Seems to be a service that is in demand. My cousin does it in Billings and he works 7 days a week and is still busy enough that he's not taking new clients. On the other hand, it's really hard and so + 153 more characters
Oh, and petitions.whitehouse.gov was started by Obama after he made it a campaign promise in 2008. I don't think he has paid much if any attention to it since then, but that would explain the lack of + 23 more characters
Almost no one has signed these things. It's just an internet fad, and if you think it's representative of something, then YOU might be the stupid one.
I would think it would be pretty cheap with all the natural gas they're finding these days but I haven't payed attention.
I think the last time I had one fixed I had to send it to Terry but I don't recall the details, sorry. You might ask them at Napa, seems like they're the ones that told me about the place in Terry. Co + 90 more characters
It's the same reason that a lot of Democrats see Republican and think Westboro Baptist Church. I'll spare you posting my Chris Rock clip for the 10th time but everybody just picks a side, proclaims th + 80 more characters
I have drunk too much Folgers in my life to appreciate good coffee but her cinnamon rolls are the greatest thing you can eat in Miles City. I think she could sell those things at the Ferry Building Ma + 55 more characters
Some other folks are ahead of you on this one. url
url gave me carpal tunnel in 7 minutes flat.
Maybe it's these:
I've always thought Beck's was terrible.
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