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i know i can order one, but i am one that does not own a debit card or a credit card :0
I wish there was a place in town that makes personalized tags, it would be a lot easier for those who cant drive to billings and maybe then people would protect their pets a little more.
I think that is the Boarding for the college if i remember correctly
Normally I wouldn't reply to these sort of things but, I am a dog owner and I lover her just as much as my kid but just the same I think, could the female dog have been sick? or attacked by another an + 350 more characters
a few weeks ago i was in walmart when my son decided he wanted something. i refused and he began to scream, i ignored him knowing he was fine and a lady came up to me a threatened to report me to chil + 59 more characters
I would be interested but havent sang in a long time
I realize that there are some serious issues with wal-mart and yes, i do agree that they should be taken care of but wal-mart does bring in those who live in the country it is an easy stop for food cl + 569 more characters
did anyone think of finding prints?? these were definitely done by amateurs that think they are being funny, if anything i am sure they go there often they are bound to show up again if someone sets c + 6 more characters
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