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Thanks Tande for the info. The other body of water I was refering to is just across the walk bridge which I seen tonight does flow into Spotted Eagle. I will give 12 mile a shot, again thank you.
Goodmorning- I kinda forgot about this post till Cubby reminded me lol. When I post something here its not to whine or complain or ruffle any ones feathers, instead its to seek out information and or + 1698 more characters
LOL, your probably right CUBBY. I need to update that post.. Hope your day is going well.
I have some questions in regards to the fiahing at Spotted Eagle. What types of rigs and or baits do ya all use to at least get a bite,lol. Also on the South West side theres another body of water and + 252 more characters
no no no Cubby they dont get harrassed because they are fishing with me. Thats a pretty bold statement. So your telling me to take a wheel bound chair person off of the sand bar and go fishing somewhe + 315 more characters
Wow EXtremeconditions, I am not sure where to start in responce to your very well written comment,so here it goes ,keep in mind that I dont have to respond but then I would be doing what so many other + 1880 more characters
I dont think I should have to go else where to fish. I am not the only one that has a issue with this.If you will read one of the papers from N.D and I apologize for remembering the name of it however + 1125 more characters
K.D, I am not complaining and if I were this is the place to do it. To many people like you that look at it as complaining and cry you a river well when you cant have your ski jet on the river or we c + 483 more characters
Cubby, I guess I didnt present that so well. The garbage left on the banks was just one of the many things that should and need to be addressed. As far as Jet ski goes that was meant to be one of the + 1192 more characters
I have posted in the past about the garbage that is being left on the River banks, pallets being left in the middle of the road, ski jets terrorizing those that are fishing from the bank, or some boat + 1508 more characters
I had my apartment broke into once before new management took over and I was somewheres between pissed off and feeling violated in a since. Theres ben a lot of this crap going on here in our town. I w + 256 more characters
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