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.....That is pretty funny
I guess I'm a little old fashioned....I made my babies first birthday cakes myself. Just a suggestion....kinda makes the memory of it a bit more special. I'm just sayin'!!!
it was'nt a "policy" it was a nice thing that they did. cutbacks are cutbacks....it is what it is!
OMG....is that Bacon wrapped in bacon? I am so there if this is on the menu!!!
Big huge sigh of relief. Thank GOD!!!!
Thanks for sharing those Hal.
Today we leave for our third trip to Mayo. Jim has to have another chemembolization and more testing to get him ready for transplant. Hoping the cancer cells have shrunk in the first tumor. We will kn + 185 more characters
Easter 13 years ago
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Happy Easter Everyone! Hope you all enjoy your families today.
Some people do that on purpose just to piss you off!!! LOL
Thank you Kender
The young man is being punished....rest assured. I have a question for those on mc.com who have a child in grade school, middle school, or high school at this time: When your child gets to be of age t + 655 more characters
Went to work at 5:00am, spent the day in a small enclosed office with no window. Got all of my weekly paperwork done. Came home and made Jim and I some lunch, and I have spent the rest of the afternoo + 91 more characters
I love you too Julie....hope you are feeling good too! Hows the treatment going?
Hello everyone....I'm not on too much anymore. I just check the posts and then move on. Back in July I took my husband Jim out to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. to begin testing for a liver transplant + 907 more characters
The Wesleyan Church has one every year. They are located over by Garfield School. I don't have their number but I'm sure its in the phone book. If you call, they can probably give you all the info you + 36 more characters
It's a tie.....Mexico Lindo and Rib and Chop.....mmmmmmmm good stuff!
The building is beautiful. Its nice to see it where that big gaping hole used to be! Can't wait to go to lunch there!
We miss you sooooo much Julie....and we love you Too!!!
Spacekace.....just to let you know....always, and I mean always at this time of year, Wal-Mart is changing what they call their MODS. New merchandise for Spring and Summer...thats why you found the sh + 277 more characters
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