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Call Karen Stevenson, I am sure she has this information
$58.50 per 3 months. If you have a family worth the money, if only you, a one trip to the dump per month is a lot cheaper......I sometimes only have 1 bag a week, so break it down to $4.86/bag. A litt + 87 more characters
Not everyone gets the answers they want, but like the Garth Brooks said, "Thank God for unanswered prayers". (I believe that too) I have had many unanswered and many answered. When others have prayed + 266 more characters
When I say, "You are in my prayers." I pray for that person. Most of the time, right at that moment. When I say my daily prayers I add people and thank God for the prayers he has already answered. I a + 101 more characters
I go to Dr. Wallick. Danny Stanley is youngest in town and is up to date on some different techniques. You have to find a chiropractor that has the technique that you want. They are all trained in dif + 276 more characters
What about a PACO?
MCC just came out with their summer Kids Kollege program. Check out Miles City Star paper dated 5/4/2011.
Mila Baker 234-9437
Ate there last night, food was great, service was great. They did a nice job on the remodel and I believe JT is the cook. Will go again and soon.
Don't get caught up thinking you have to have something better and more expensive than what your friends put together for their weddings. Basic and simple can be terrific.....Shop around, you would be + 174 more characters
Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.
Does anyone know how this family is doing???
Love to see: 1. Dry Cleaners 2. Target 3. Johnny Carinos 4. Perkins 5. Shoe Store 5 I Love: 1. Mexico Lindo 2. Bloedorns 3. Arbys 4. Dr. Wallicks 5. Reynolds
MaMa Stellas, has sandwiches called Grinders, various kinds, burgers and even have breakfast.
Kristine and Ben, you are both in my prayers. I don't know much about benefits, but I will support one once I know where it is at. I don't know if there is still a program or who runs it for care give + 251 more characters
I found one in my basement a couple of years ago. Nasty and mean little things.
Puppies Found and passed out at home in their kennel. Thanks for all the phone calls and help.
Spotted now by Rolling Rubber/court house.
The Chocolate's name is Hunter, the Black is Cosmo.
Sorry, they escaped from Bridge Street, right across from the high school. Thanks!
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